Lanzarote: The Desert Island Experience

Palm treesLanzarote can easily be described as a desert island. With palm trees sparsely dotted along its shores and a vast expanse of barren volcanic terrain stretching inland, there is no mode of transportation more fitting to this setting than to hitch a ride on a camel (or to be exact, a dromedary, which is very similar but has only one hump).

Lanzarote Volcanoes
From high up on the camel’s back Lanzarote’s volcanoes look spectacular









They may be stubborn and a bit smelly, but they sure have beautiful doe-like eyes and are naturally equipped for handling harsh, arid terrain. I could never condone the exploitation of animals in any form, so I must stress that the dromedaries from Lanzarote Camel Safari appear to be well cared for and are certainly treated with respect by the camelleros (handlers).

Although these amazing creatures can live for up to 40 years, working camels such as these usually retire when they are around 25 years old. Camels have generally received a bad rep, but contrary to common belief they are good-tempered, patient and intelligent.

These camels definitely provide the best means to explore Lanzorote’s unique volcanic hills and plains. For an unforgettable experience just take the 20 minute drive north from Puerto Del Carmen to Timanfaya National Park, or catch one of the many guided tours that include an excursion with Lanzarote Camel Safari.

Lanzarote's Alien Landscape
This could be Mars


Lanzarote's alien landscape
Camels can handle rough terrain like this with ease

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