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Wave Watchers

To be enchanted and enamoured by waves is a tell-tale symptom of the surfer’s condition…

Waves are essentially pulses of unfathomable energy transmuted from the heavens to the ocean by the power of sustained winds and storm systems. Travelling thousands of miles across the deep blue, this energy is often subtle and unremarkable, that is until it finally approaches a coastline, and first begins to drag along the rising seabed below.

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Gentle Contentedness

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There is a feeling that arises from being in exactly the right place at the right time. Notions of synchronicity are often hard to describe in words, but this visceral feeling I’m alluding to is a simple one, best described in terms of gentle contentedness.

We’ve all felt it, sometimes it’s just a fleeting moment that passes us by, while other times, we feel it in situations that are more  permanent, like the lasting glow of a warm and honest relationship.

All of a sudden you feel at home in yourself, in harmony with your surroundings, enjoying that pure ecstasy of existence. Enveloping you like a warm blanket nesting a newborn child, it is playful and light, the touch of a summer breeze. Giggles rumble from deep in the belly, surfacing without restriction at every opportunity.

The real question is, how do we stay in this blissful state indefinitely? How do we hold on to a harmonious homeostasis of one’s consciousness?

As with most questions in life, the answer lies within you. What led you to this feeling in the first place?

You might just notice that you have been in heightened communion with self, you have not merely listened to that inner voice of eternal truth, you have answered it. You have exchanged with the real you, and in doing so, remembered that you are just as innocent and pure this very moment as you were on your first day of existence on this planet. Each breath we breathe can be like our first – fresh, alive and open to the universe of spontaneous positivity that awaits us all without bias.

Mystical Landscapes in Connemara: Errisbeg Mountain

Errisbeg in Roundstone, a captivating climb with wonderful photo ops, strange rocks and mystical views… It feels like you have been transported to some prehistoric land out here, one that has been long forgotten. We come here to remember.


The Ecstacy of Dolphins

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