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Tyger! Tyger! burning bright

Tiger Burning Bright

Photo of the Week: Eastern Water Dragon

Australian Water Dragon

Photo of the Week: Curious Currawong

Curious Currawong

Photo of the Week: Viridescent Ripples

Viridescent Ripples

Hurricane Fay: Storm Swell

After a week without a decent session, I was itching to hit the beach and bag a few waves. By Wednesday morning I’d had enough of waiting, I grabbed my board and camera bag and headed for my local break, figuring that if the surf was too big at least I would capture a few nice shots. On Tuesday evening the sea was flat, and it was hard to imagine that the forecast conditions of 8-10 foot swell with a 17 second period between waves could actually become a reality overnight.

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Photo of the Week: Spirit Moon

Spirit Moon (W&C)