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Hurricane Fay: Storm Swell

After a week without a decent session, I was itching to hit the beach and bag a few waves. By Wednesday morning I’d had enough of waiting, I grabbed my board and camera bag and headed for my local break, figuring that if the surf was too big at least I would capture a few nice shots. On Tuesday evening the sea was flat, and it was hard to imagine that the forecast conditions of 8-10 foot swell with a 17 second period between waves could actually become a reality overnight.

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The First Pulse Of Winter

Somewhere between the waning September evenings and receding dawns of October, the barometer drops, signalling the first real blast of winter swell…

Wave Watchers

To be enchanted and enamoured by waves is a tell-tale symptom of the surfer’s condition…

Waves are essentially pulses of unfathomable energy transmuted from the heavens to the ocean by the power of sustained winds and storm systems. Travelling thousands of miles across the deep blue, this energy is often subtle and unremarkable, that is until it finally approaches a coastline, and first begins to drag along the rising seabed below.

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Photo of the Week: Hydrophilia


The Last Days of Summer

End of summer surf session 2014 in Connemara with the friendly instructors from Real Adventures. The beaches are once again empty, save for local wave riders and keen onshore admirers…

Surfing with Soul and Spraying the Love

Surfing with soulSpraying the loveSpraying the love

His mind was in the zone. He felt ready to go with the gentle ebb and flow, so he played with the tide much like a child, if only to experience that sweet joy of feeling at home alone…

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The Ecstacy of Dolphins

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