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A home for our hearts

Are you my girl next door?
Do you live on the floor,
Above my glass ceiling?

Are you the fire,
That glows in my hearth?
The warmth in the air,
Bringing lightness of breath?

Will we build four walls around us?
Yet leave space for windows,
And doors wide open?

Are you the roof over my head?
Where someday,
We shall share the same bed?

Is there a home to be made betwixt us?
Will our hearts form mutual sanctuary,
A shelter from the storm?

We cannot know if it’s meant to be.
But first we can construct a shack,
That’s temporary.

And if it weathers,
The elements well,
We can always build,
A stronger shell.

Laughter and light,
Will be our blocks.
Love and compassion,
Our sand and cement.

With understanding,
As our foundation.
Together in love,
Growth and transformation.


The passion and power of poetry,
Placing my pain on a page,
There it can live outside of me,
Relinquishing inner anxieties.

Thoughts ramble through the maze of mind.
Spoken out loud,
Resounding through time,
Sparking revelations
A new understanding.

Nothing is static
We are all reverberating.
Feelings are frequencies
Tuned to our biological receivers.
White noise…
The echoes of negative thoughts
On the emergency broadcast system.

Harmony is homeostasis in our hearts.

Take me back to Turimetta

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Oh take me back to Turimetta
To the sanctuary of sea and stone.
Let’s play together at Turimetta,
Unlock those secrets yet unknown.

Take me back to Turimetta
To marvel at the moon and stars.
Let’s return again to Turimetta
For a hot stone massage.

I miss our time at Turimetta
In sunshine, rain or stormy weather.
When troubles fade away
And the song of life fills our day.
As we play.

So take me back to Turimetta
To gaze at the rocks of ambiguity.
Let’s go together to Turimetta,
We’ll drift on down the magic river out to sea.

We forget the future at Turimetta,
Where imagination roams free.
The moment is ours to keep forever,
Remember that day at Turimetta?

Oh take me back to Turimetta
To that sanctuary of sea and stone.
Let’s bathe together at Turimetta
And feel the pure love between us show.
As we grow.

Tyger! Tyger! burning bright

Tiger Burning Bright

Free the innocent child within

The Earth Is A Pod

The Earth is a pod
And we are its pea-ple,
Like grains of sand
In a vast desert land.
Different colours, shapes and sizes
Each one unique in quality and character.

When aligned hand in hand
A grander scene transpires,
Shifting and flowing on a fair wind,
Alight under stars, the moon and our kind sun.
Mere specks in a universe of possibility
On a journey towards an oasis of Truth.

Wave Watchers

To be enchanted and enamoured by waves is a tell-tale symptom of the surfer’s condition…

Waves are essentially pulses of unfathomable energy transmuted from the heavens to the ocean by the power of sustained winds and storm systems. Travelling thousands of miles across the deep blue, this energy is often subtle and unremarkable, that is until it finally approaches a coastline, and first begins to drag along the rising seabed below.

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The Common Starling

I understood your call today,
It was an imitation of life.
Even the chorus was not your own,
Just another stanza of defence,
A flawless instrumental, coded without contest.
But I don’t blame, I don’t accuse,
It’s not your fault you were born to lose…

Your gift of mimicry so dear
When existence predicates entirely on fear,
None of it your own,
A universal inheritance
From friend to foe.
But I don’t blame, I don’t accuse,
It’s not your fault you were born to lose…

The only songs in your repertoire
Are renditions of resemblance.
The rest a prized secret
What matters most is artifice, a self-protective version
Through that peculiar power of suggestion.
But I don’t blame, I don’t accuse
It’s not your fault you were born to lose…

The trickery of appearance
Is an age-old competition,
A survival strategy modelled on blatant plagiarism,
Valued solely through the complexity of camouflage            To make just that right impression and be left in company… Alone.
But I don’t blame, I don’t accuse
It’s not your fault you were born to lose…

So you prevent damage and death to the lost nest,
Keeping the signature of the common starling secret.
Something performed out of necessity
When nothing more could be sung in society,
Except the ones already hummed.
But I don’t blame, I don’t accuse,
It’s not your fault you were born to lose…

Surfing with Soul and Spraying the Love

Surfing with soulSpraying the loveSpraying the love

His mind was in the zone. He felt ready to go with the gentle ebb and flow, so he played with the tide much like a child, if only to experience that sweet joy of feeling at home alone…

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The Weaving Spider

Weaving, weaving all the time
This sticky web of mine.
Catching flies, catching spies
In a silky world of fragile wires.
Always without remorse
From an inexplicable source.

Like a flame that never flickers,
Unseen, unheard, unspoken.
Or a synchronous show that softly whispers,
“Spidey, come find ME”.

Weaving, weaving all the links
To this broken web of mine.
Spinning away time, an intuitive rhyme
Unlearned, yet all-knowing.
Always without remorse
For the unsullied cause.