Dance With Life

I’ll keep a little box of hope in my heart
So that maybe we can share a life together again.
But hope is just that… it’s not certain or definite.
It’s just a thing we do to keep on moving.
Keep on moving, that I must.
A little bird told me, one I trust.

You were my little bird for many a year but in that time hope was lost to fear.
The sparkle in those eyes I loved so dear, lost its glimmer when I was near.
Nothing is just as we wish, your hair, your smile, those lips to kiss.
You are yours. You are not mine. A truth I knew but lost in time.

We got lost in time… our souls entwined.
So complicated to unravel.
How far must I travel
To feel whole again?

So to you my beautiful friend,
Go be free and spread your wings.
Know that you will always be the one for me
And that the hope in my heart waits patiently.

I know in my soul we are birds of a feather.
Someday maybe we’ll land on the same branch
And decide to build a new nest together.

Although the hurt I feel is real
I know now it’s not for you to heal.
That is my task, to rise to the challenge.
Letting go of the past, the pain, the strife
The romance I need is my dance with life.

Take me back to Turimetta

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Oh take me back to Turimetta
To the sanctuary of sea and stone.
Let’s play together at Turimetta,
Unlock those secrets yet unknown.

Take me back to Turimetta
To marvel at the moon and stars.
Let’s return again to Turimetta
For a hot stone massage.

I miss our time at Turimetta
In sunshine, rain or stormy weather.
When troubles fade away
And the song of life fills our day.
As we play.

So take me back to Turimetta
To gaze at the rocks of ambiguity.
Let’s go together to Turimetta,
We’ll drift on down the magic river out to sea.

We forget the future at Turimetta,
Where imagination roams free.
The moment is ours to keep forever,
Remember that day at Turimetta?

Oh take me back to Turimetta
To that sanctuary of sea and stone.
Let’s bathe together at Turimetta
And feel the pure love between us show.
As we grow.

Prison of the mind: Are you ready to escape?

The Time is NowHave you ever woken up with a sink hole feeling?

I find myself at the bottom of a deep dark pit today. I have been teetering over the edge for a lifetime and it has taken everything in me not to fall. But this morning I couldn’t hold on any longer…so I finally let go and sank.

The prison of the mind

The alarm bells were always there from an early age, but as I grew older, I became more adept at turning down the volume, until eventually they simply faded away into the background.

That was when the amnesia of self really began. That’s when the present moment became a thing of the past and the intangible future became my focus. That was when I relinquished control over my existence to invisible forces…those infamous mind shackles locked me up in a labyrinth that I couldn’t find my way out of.

Doubt and uncertainty became the sinister agents of my fate. My destiny felt doomed because it was already preconditioned towards disaster. It was like witnessing a train crash occur right before my eyes and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

I was led in every direction except the right one. I spent my youth screaming ‘Fuck You’ to everything and everyone in society. I sought to hurt rather than be hurt. I tried to numb the confusion rather than feel anything at all. I gave up trying out of an utter fear of failure. After all, I was still in that lonely maze. Cynicism had become my best friend.

Then I went to the opposite extreme, but the delusion only grew stronger. I accepted that life is crap, it’s always going to be crap, and there’s nothing I can do to really change it. I mean, if you can’t beat it, you’ve got to become part of it, right? And so I did.

I surrendered. I subscribed. I conformed. I competed. On the outside, I did everything that you’re supposed to do. I got my good grades at school, I got my first grade honours at university, and thereafter worked incredibly hard to become ‘successful‘ in the eyes of society. I went with the grain and it consumed me entirely. On the inside, I was still screaming. Continue reading Prison of the mind: Are you ready to escape?

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