Photo of the Week: Rushes Against A Violet Sky


Lanzarote’s Layers Of Lava

Volcano in Timanfaya National Park
                                    Volcano in Timanfaya National Park
An extinct vent
                                                      An extinct vent

Lanzarote comprises just one of the islands widely referred to as The Canaries, a volcanic archipelago located about one hundred kilometers off the north-west coast of the greater African continent.

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La Charcuterie de Montmartre

La Charcuterie de Montmartre

After I had initially fawned over the exquisite arrangement and seductive artistry involved in preparing the lobster, crab, prawn and scallop salads that adorned the window of La Charcuterie de Montmartre, I just had to walk inside and explore.

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Traditional Irish Black Pudding

There is no comparison between the light, earthy texture and tasty, aromatic seasoning of homemade black pudding and the type that is produced for commercial interests. It’s a rarity to have the pleasure of sampling authentic black pudding in Ireland today.

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Surfing with Soul and Spraying the Love

Surfing with soulSpraying the loveSpraying the love

His mind was in the zone. He felt ready to go with the gentle ebb and flow, so he played with the tide much like a child, if only to experience that sweet joy of feeling at home alone…

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The Weaving Spider

Weaving, weaving all the time
This sticky web of mine.
Catching flies, catching spies
In a silky world of fragile wires.
Always without remorse
From an inexplicable source.

Like a flame that never flickers,
Unseen, unheard, unspoken.
Or a synchronous show that softly whispers,
“Spidey, come find ME”.

Weaving, weaving all the links
To this broken web of mine.
Spinning away time, an intuitive rhyme
Unlearned, yet all-knowing.
Always without remorse
For the unsullied cause.

Mystical Landscapes in Connemara: Errisbeg Mountain

Errisbeg in Roundstone, a captivating climb with wonderful photo ops, strange rocks and mystical views… It feels like you have been transported to some prehistoric land out here, one that has been long forgotten. We come here to remember.


The Ecstacy of Dolphins

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Rough Diamond

Rough Diamond

A frozen snapshot
Captured in time
Of a dramatic vision
That invites all who will climb.
To experience the majesty of meaning in life
The part not thought but felt to be right,
For words fail to describe the whole
We can only speculate and wonder at it all.
And the gloss imposed unveils interpretation
No less inspired by the roads that are taken
By each and every living soul.

So take the time
To breathe in nature
Explore horizons never ventured
Because sometimes the glitter may be masking the gem
And you forget to pay attention to where the truth actually began.

This musing unravelled in Kerry’s mind while traversing the trails of Diamond Hill on a visit to the Connemara National Park in Letterfrack, Co. Galway…

Rough Diamond 2 

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